PhD Thesis: Model-, Simulation- and Data-based Control

I am writing my master thesis as a part of the ShipWeldFlow project.
This project is in cooperation with the project’s partners, Odense Maritime Technology and Inrotech, and the chair of human-machine-interaction (MMI) from my home university, the RWTH Aachen.
The focus of my work is evaluating the feasibility of welding operations in ship construction through the use of digital twins and simulation. This would enable a fast estimation of how much of a given blueprint can be produced in an automated workflow, thus speed up both design and construction times in maritime construction.
I am interested in flexible robotic production processes and, having worked in that area at the Chair for Individualized Production at the RWTH Aachen for a long time during my studies, look forward to exploring other subfields of this research area.
I am especially interested in seeing the differences that come with the increased scale of the constructed objects compared to my previous experiences.