The LSP program provides both publicly funded and exclusive R&D opportunities. LSP is open to the discussion of hybrid models.

Like conventional publically funded R&D projects, a consortium of members with shared needs or interests would share the resulting intellectual property in this model. Benefits from the intellectual property for the LSP program would be put towards supporting the program’s future.

To support the needs of clients requiring specific R&D and the role ownership of any resulting intellectual property, the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) is able to operate at consultancy rates.

Unless otherwise agreed, intellectual property from privately funded services belongs solely to the client.

Types of services

To address a wide variety of industry needs, LSP offers a variety of services. Please see the table.

Length Partners
Sprint 1-2 weeks 1 partner
Study 3-8 weeks small studies to address the R&D needs of 1 partner
Service 3-6 months 1-2 partners
Project 1-2 years Usually less than 10 partners
Projects involve a mix of public and private funding
Use case 3-5 years Typically more than 10 partners
Use cases involve public and private funding.
Find examples of our use cases here.