How can we help?

From funding to development to testing, we can help at any stage of your process. See more about how we can be involved in each TRL stage below

TRL 1-9 Research & Development

R&D can be funded through private, public, or hybrid models. We can provide support with:

  • cluster formation
  • funding applications
  • contracts
  • IP (Intellectual Property)

TRL 1-9 Feasibility & Consultancy

This includes all stages of design and implementation such as identification, evaluation, selection, and preparation. This includes:

    • equipment (robots, sensors, tools)
    • software applications (modeling, simulation, data analysis)
    • data formats and databases
    • suppliers and contracts
    • robotics and process control (e.g. welding, 3D printing)
    • preparation of production layouts, production concepts, and working processes

At this stage we can answer questions like    “How can LSP be used to solve our existing productivity challenge?”    “Can x be solved by using any existing robotics technologies?”

Testing & Experimentation TRL 5-8

Benchmarking and optimization of equipment and software under laboratory conditions

  • LSP equipment testing on product samples
  • testing of new robot systems with clients
  • testing of control systems and processes
  • experimentation with variations in materials

The stage where we can help answer questions like    “how does this scanner work with our products?”      what are the benefits of this new software?”

Low Volume Production TRL 8+9

This is where companies can begin their production with the knowledge and equipment that the LSP Center can provide.

  • getting products ready for the market (“0 series”)
  • approving workflows in production
  • training of employees and clients

This is the stage where we help answer questions like: “can we use your facilities to finetune our system?”     “can we make the first 20 of our concrete 3D printed elements?”