Masters thesis: 

I am implementing a laser line scanner to determine the characteristics of welding panels including features like scallops, baseplate stick out, as well as the start and end point for welding.

The new scanner and sensing routine is meant for a robot setup that welds micropanels for ship hulls and other large welding elements.

I am studying BEng in Robot Systems (Diplomingeniør i robotteknologi). The project works in collaboration with Inrotech. Christian Schlette (Head of the LSP Center) is my supervisor. 

I am testing whether the line laser can determine the necessary features faster than the currently in-use 1D distance laser sensor

I also test if the new sensor is more robust against shiny surfaces

This project excites me because I worked as a sailor on an offshore service operation vessel in a wind turbine park before starting university. This meant that when I heard about Inrotech and its connection to offshore/shipbuilding, I applied for a student job!