About Us

What We Do

We develop robotics technology to address pressing issues in the production of large structures.

The Large Structure Production (LSP) Center is creating novel robotics solutions at a scale never seen before. These technologies are made for industries that have previously struggled to implement robotics technology, like the maritime, construction, and energy sectors.

In collaboration with our partners across Denmark and Europe, we create novel solutions that help businesses become greener and more efficient, whilst addressing severe skill shortages and improving bad working conditions.

Our History

In the 1990s, SDU started collaborating with Odense steel shipyard to develop groundbreaking robotic welding solutions. The success of this led to the founding of the Mærsk McKinney Møller Institute at SDU.

In the following decades, Odense has grown to become a world-renowned robotics hub, with SDU Robotics leading the latest innovations in robotics research.

The LSP Center is continuing this legacy of SDU working at the forefront of robotics research. We are currently researching a variety of automation solutions. The LSP Center itself is under construction and set to open in 2025.