PhD Thesis: human-robot collaboration for shotcrete technology

I am doing my PhD in the context of robotics and automation technologies in construction which is one of the largest sectors in every economy especially in European countries.

Shotcrete, a pneumatic spray of concrete with high velocity, has been widely used in the past century particularly in the construction of infrastructure like roads, tunnels, and bridges. It’s popularity can be accounted to its extremely economical application.

However, the process is heavily reliant on skilled human operators and ironically takes a massive toll on their health. Therefore, the EU commission initiated and funded an ambitious project in 2022 under the EU Horizon research and innovation program “RoBetArme”.

The project was made to address issues with the lack of skilled workers in the field and to improve the working conditions of the construction workers.

The RoBétArmé consortium is comprised of five European universities and research centers, eight renowned industrial companies, three established non-profit organizations, and three end-user representatives. Find out more information about the project’s objectives and partners here.


My research focuses on the simulations of the robotic systems, allowing for the interactive 3D simulation of the actors in the construction site, including kinematic, dynamic, and sensor simulation. Additionally, I will work on the simulation of shotcrete process and ultimately the fabrication of a digital twin that can be used for navigation/path planning, decision-making, robot mission planning, and more.

This is interesting for me because the project is about robotics and simulation, as well as because of its huge potential to impact the construction industry.

You can follow Mohammed Reza on Linked In and find out more about the RoBetArme Project here.