Robotic shotcrete solutions for large structure production. This technology allows for more efficient construction, whilst reducing repetitive strain for workers.

The construction industry relies heavily on manual labor, whilst also suffering a skill shortage. The workforce that is available experience difficult working conditions due to the strenuous tasks that make up many construction processes.

The RoBetArme project is looking to address this issue by automizing the process of shotcrete application Рa sprayed concrete process. 

The process starts with scanning and then modeling the surface that is being worked on. Metal reinforcements are then put onto the structure. Lastly, the robot uses visual scanning as it sprays, offering real-time feedback to reduce production waste. This process is done through physical robot-human collaboration, resulting in a more efficient process whilst maintaining human-like finishing skills.

Digital Twin and advanced simulation tools will be used to make this process more efficient, and thus more sustainable.

Our Collaborators
Certh Consortium
Cobod Int
ROBOTNIK Automation
ANIMA Technical Commercial LTD
TITAN Cement
DigitalTwin Technology GmbH
Information Catalyst
Ingenieros Asesores de Contrucccion S.L.
Digital Systems 4.0

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