(2019-2023) Next generation concrete 3D-printed structures

3D Concrete Printing (3DCP) is about scaling up additive manufacturing to print buildings and concrete elements on-site and in prefabrication facilities.

The N3XTCON project, investigates how to introduce model and simulation based methods in robotics to improve the control and use of 3D concrete printing technologies.

This project aims to develop solutions that bring 3D concrete printing to a never-before-seen industrial scale. We are moving from a smaller scale experimental phase, to creating productivity-increasing solutions.

Within the N3XTCON consortium, the LSP Center (part of SDU Robotics), is responsible for the development of Digital Twin based planning and control methods for COBOD’s printer equipment.

N3XTCON is a Grand Solution funded by Innovation Fund Denmark. The project is coordinated by DTI.

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Robotic shotcrete solutions for large structure production. This technology allows for more efficient construction, whilst reducing repetitive strain for workers.

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