Creating a hub for large structure production and robotics

2021 saw SDU host a LSP-focused workshop at Odense Havn that attracted both a local audience and online participants from around the world. This, and other opportunities will continue to be provided by the LSP program.

We envision the LSP center to offer an open platform for companies of all sizes to meet new partners and easily initiate publicly or privately funded development and test projects. This will shape a unique community, consisting of companies across the sectors (including the automation community, particularly Odense Robotics), teams from SDU as well as other universities and RTOs, as well as clusters and other national organizations with an interest in the LSP activities.

The LSP program is committed to providing a range of initiatives that allow for stakeholder collaboration and innovation, both in Denmark and beyond.

Robotics in Odense

The city of Odense is renowned as a hub for talent and innovation in the robotics sector.

In close collaboration with the young talent and robotics clusters found in Odense, the LSP program is addressing the issues of some of the biggest  firms in energy, construction and maritime to make strides in safety, efficiency, and sustainability.