Need help to fund a project, research, or upskilling training? Find out more about your funding options below.

Funding for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

There are a huge number of funding options available in Denmark. Whether you need funding support for small-scale research and testing or to fund your education and training with the LSP Center,  there are opportunities for support.

We recommend you contact one of the following organizations:

  • Your local erhvervshus (enterprise group) in Odense, this is ErhvervshusFyn
  • Your industry cluster see the clusters we are associated with under “clusters & RTOs” on Our Partners page
  • Utilize a private service such as Soft Funding, which are able to assist in making your funding applications

Funding for Large Businesses (incl. consortiums)

We recommend that you contact Finn Skøtt Hansen, our Business Developer, who is able to advise on the estimated cost of your project