Mission & Vision


From bridges to ships to wind turbines, large structures are fundamental to our modern lives. We want to revolutionize their production by creating digital and robotic solutions for industries that have long resisted automation.

By providing these solutions for the production of large structures in the maritime, construction, and energy industries, we hope to help these sectors partake in the green and digital transition, as well as contribute to safer and happier work environments.

Our work goes beyond simple efficiency gains. We believe that our work can change these industries that form the very foundation of our modern lives.


A world first, we research and develop robotization and digitalization technologies to support the maritime, construction, and energy sectors in large-scale production. Together with our industry partners, we work to provide relevant and novel solutions that are relevant and useful to private industry.

From 3D Concrete printing to robotic welding, we look at all stages from; prefabrication to construction to repairs and dismantling of large structures.