PhD Thesis: Model-, Simulation-, and Data-Based Control of Gantry-Based Robotic Operations

This project is a collaboration with the LSP Center and SDU Mechanical Engineering, hoping to provide insights to both research specialities.

The project will resarch the structural dynamics relating to a large gantry-based robotic system that will lie at the heart of the LSP center’s operations.

As part of this project, challenges like dynamic structural stresses and strains as well as deformations arise which must be countered.

This project is important for maritime, construction and energy industries as they are all interested in countering unwanted vibrations when creating large structures that need long life spans.

My research is mainly focused on the dynamic structural stresses and strains that arise in a mechanical structure under operation. And in the case of LSP these movements are big, and the structure has a lot of momentum.

I am personally passionate about this project because I’m very interested in vibration analysis with the purpose of prolonging the life spans of structures, so they don’t have a detrimental effect on the environment. We need to build for the future, not just for the short term.¬†

To find out more about the LSP Center and the gantry system that Jens-Kristian is working on, read more here.